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Live-in Care

Live in home care is a service that a caregiver stays with the client round the clock or 24 hours a day to meet the needs of the client. Assistance is generally non-medical, non-skilled in nature. Personal assistance of activities of daily living like meal preparation, assistance in bathing, dressing changes, and so much more to enable client the freedom to live independently in her own familiar home. Caregiver must have at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night to qualify in this service.

Transition Services

Help clients prepare for life transitions such us coming home from the hospital, rehabilitation, or any facility, assist client with visits to possible places to live, help with packing and relocating to a different state, move to a retirement home, apartment building or nursing home, home repairs and modification, change in health condition or health care coverage, death of a loved one and other difficult transition situations we may be of help.

Hourly Care

Caregiver provides assistance of personal activities of daily living like meal preparation, assistance with bathing, medication reminder and so much more in an hourly basis. Hospice care, extreme paranoia, verbally abusive, physically burdensome cases are usually considered as hourly care. This is to make sure your loved one is cared for properly and this prevents too much strain physically and emotionally to the client and to the caregiver as well.

Lifecare Management

Lifecare management is our service working with clients assess their needs, develop care plans and recommendations, coordinate services, acts as an advocate, provides medication management, and continuously monitors services to ensure the well being of the client. Assist in planning for the future needs of the client, from companion care,  assistance  with activities of daily living, and helping when physically. Helps client or family members navigate through the healthcare maze that benefits the client.

Our Mission

To provide the best home care service that will enable you to stay home as long as you desire and enjoy life.

We are committed to provide as many services as we can, to enable anyone who wanted to spend the rest of their lives at home.

About Us

Our company was founded on the principles of honest communication, delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients and caregivers, which is why most of our clients are referral from previous clients.

We are a group of caregivers that experienced caring for our own loved ones and managing the care of others for more than 20 years. We have the heart, the hands of experience and the knowledge on how to provide better care for someone who wishes to stay in their familiar surrounding, their home. We had faced many difficult situations, certain challenges and special situations that made us a better company and a better caregiver through the years.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is SCI Home Care licensed?

Yes. SCI Home Care is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a home services agency.

Do you have liability insurance and workmans compensation insurance for your caregivers?

Yes. Our caregivers are covered with liability insurance and workmans compensation insurance. 

How do you screen your caregivers?

We have a finger print criminal background check as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Employees are checked with:

Health care worker registry check, Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, Illinois sex offenders registration, Illinois Dept. of Correction Sex Registrant, Illinois Dept. of Correction Inmate Search, Illinois Dept. of Correction Wanted Fugitive.
National Sex offenders Public Registry

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. We will pay the caregiver. We have a payroll schedule in the office. We just need a timesheet signed by you before we can issue the caregiver’s paycheck.

What if my caregiver takes days off, or gets sick? Are you sending a replacement?

Yes. We will provide a replacement caregiver during their scheduled days off or immediately upon receiving notice of being sick.

How do I arrange for services?

Simply call our 24 hour office number 773-733-0772 or 847-782-9999. You can schedule an appointment with the case manager or schedule an interview for a caregiver. We can even start the service right away if need be. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns day or night. 

Our Services

Our commitment is to provide as many services as we can to enable you to enjoy the comforts of your home for the rest of your life.

Ways to Pay for Home Care Services

There are many ways to pay home care aside from private pay. These are some of them.

Long Term Care Insurance

Some long term care insurance pays for skilled, medical care and also for in-home non-medical, non-skilled custodial care depending on what you have on your policy. They sometimes require a certain number of activities of daily living and an   assessment or evaluation from a case manager or a registered nurse referred by the insurance company, and the home care agency provider needs to be licensed. To make sure you are covered and can be reimbursed for the assistance that you need, call your insurance company. We can help you call your insurance company to check if your policy can cover the service that we provide.

Life Insurance Policy Conversions

All whole, term, or universal life insurance policies can all be converted into a Long-Term Care Benefit Plan Account. Then transfer the ownership of the policy to an entity that is  a benefits administrator, who will assume responsibilities for payments. To convert, the previous policy holder must have immediate need for some acceptable type of long-term care, and arranges monthly payouts to help cover for home care services. Payouts are directly made to the provider (home care agency), and not to the previous policy owner. This is an acceptable Medicaid spend-down strategy.

Family Agrees to Share the Expenses

Family members can share the cost of their loved ones’  home care expense. If one family member will be the caregiver, hours and wages must be spelled out clearly in an agreement to prevent tension, resentment or conflicts in the end.  Their contribution maybe reimbursed later on if they have an expected inheritance or proceeds from the sale of assets. Keep invoices, receipts or cancelled checks for record keeping to show executor of the will to be paid for these things. To avoid certain tax liabilities and family conflicts, it is best to hire a caregiver from a licensed home care agency.

Medicare, Medicaid and VA Home Care

Public Benefit like Medicaid and Medicare is for low income and having a few assets other than the home he or she lives in. There is a VA Home Care Assistance benefits, that would  pay a certain amount in a month. PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) on the other hand is a Medicare and Medicaid program that helps people meet their health care needs in the community instead of going to a nursing home or other care facility. It not available to all states. It is best to inquire if there is an available benefit for you or your loved one in your area through the Department of Aging.


Lifecare Planning

Our mission is to provide the best service, care and match
for you and your family

First Level

Home Care

In Home Companionship Care

Assist in Bathing / Hair Care

Nail Care / Skin Care / Mouth Care

Shaving Using Electric Razor

Assist Dressing & Undressing

Assist Feeding

Meal Planning and Preparation

Assist Toileting and Ambulation

Escort Accompany to Appointments

Light Housekeeping

Exercise/ Assist /Encourage

Laundry and Linen Washing

Third Level

Home Care

Hospice Care

Dementia / Alzheimers

Hospice Care

Turning every 2 hours

Verbally abusive

Monitoring every hour or per instruction

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Tel: 847-782-9999

Mobile: 773-491-5105

Email: info@scihomecare.com

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